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The Deadly Formula

Book 4 in Love Thrives in Emma Springs

Wedding day events implode for event planner Tanna Carlisle’s own nuptials, catapulting her away from her ex-fiancé in Tampa. Landing squarely on her butt in the middle of a Seattle street with a fractured leg and fractured ideas for a hiatus from men stinks worse than a three-day old crab puff. She’s determined to reject the assistance of the drop-dead gorgeous Italian scientist taking responsibility for the car accident, until reality hits that she’s broke, broken, and beyond desperate. While her leg heals, accepting the temporary clerical job to assist the inventor on the nationwide roll out of his miracle serum won’t really kill her. Or will it?

Gianni Lando created BoneGlu to combat pain. Administering a dose to Tanna aids her broken leg, but her emotional hurt strikes deep into his compassionate soul. He’s determined to garner the trust of the alluring American utilizing every molecule of Tuscan charm he can muster. Problem is, someone’s threatening him to turn over the BoneGlu formula by staging accidents. While mutual attraction builds between Tanna and Gianni, so does his concern for their lives as scare tactics turn deadly.

If you love slow-burning chemistry, fast action, and a relentless villain, you’ll dive into another story on a winding path to Emma Springs, Montana.